The Bagel Cult

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The Bagel Cult is a fictional sinister villain cult created by Kelvin the Lion. The cult members take pride in and an have an appetite for bagels, yet also form a brainwashing cult which is horribly twisted, putting victims through any kind of torture. As described in a description showing a victim submitting to the cult, the Bagel Cult is "an evil corrupt organization bent on taking over the world". The members are "thieves and murderers and puppy kickers": in short, outright evil.

The Bagel Cult members wear masks during ceremonies and sacrifical rituals. (These masks are often mistaken for make-up or tattoos.) The insidious Bagel Cult kidnaps people off the streets and forces them into the cult. If the kidnapped person refuses to join, they are then sacrificed to the Bagel Cult's idol, The Great Bagel, who can lead the cult to victory. (This part of the information was not only from the site, but also by Mr. Farrington himself.) Those who join the cult slowly become insane.

The cult sometimes sacrifices their own followers to their causes, especially when the Mystic Pretzel of the Ages appears. This Pretzel is a mystic snack food containing unknown mystical properites that the Bagel Cult fears.


Recently, The Bagel Cult made an evil appearance in the 11 Will Die webcomic. The cult plotted all kinds of conspiracies, including cloning up impostors. Fortunately, the cult was eventually no match for the heroes, led by Jith-Rith-Ng.