The Animal Song

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Kissing to the tune of The Animal Song

The Animal Song is a song and music video by the pop duo Savage Garden from Brisbane, Australia. From their 1999 album Affirmation, it became a hit single that reached #19 in the USA, #16 in the UK, and #3 in Australia. Other hits by the duo include I Want You, Truly Madly Deeply, and I Knew I Loved You.

The Animal Song has a very bouncy, upbeat rhythm. The lyrics speak of a desire to get away when all the stresses of life start to add up, of wanting to break free and live like animals. As such it strikes a chord with many furry fans, who have similar feelings about their lives and their reasons for participating in the fandom. Some of the lyrics are ambiguous, and they assume a rather idealized, Jungle-Book-esque view of life as an animal.

While the lyrics may not stand up well to a deeper analysis, it is a feel-good song that many furry fans count as a favorite; some even consider it an (unofficial) 'national anthem' of the furry fandom. It was used as part of the backing music for the film The Other Sister, about a pair of mentally challenged students who find love together.

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