The Adventures of Timothy Mankert

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The Adventures of Timothy Mankert, usually abbreviated TAoTM, is a science fiction story written by Ivan Spramberson. The story revolves around a retired Matu named Timothy Mankert.

Tim often finds himself working for The Flamehaus who are constantly fighting the Vernichten Sie.


Timothy Mankert: Was the first Matu ever created and also the first Matu to ever retire. He would like nothing more than to live a life of peace, but the Vernichten Sie are constantly hunting him, and also putting entire planets that Tim has visited in danger. Tim, having the ability to inhabit a humanoid body at will, switched from a human body to an anthropomorphic skunk to better blend into the populace.

Superlagg: A human-like program. Tim found Superlagg in a narrow escape from the Vernichten Sie. Superlagg is currently inside what looks like a large cell phone. Superlagg, along with having near-human intellect, can use any extensions of whatever he is programmed into. In this case he is inside a cell phone and can make and receive calls.

IV81: The second-in-command of the Vertichten Sie. IV81, despite hunting Tim, has an admiration for him, although this could be due to him being insane. Not much is currently known about IV81.

Evil Tim: A (somewhat) evil god. He is the narrator of the story and is constantly watching Tim, occasionally appearing before Tim either to help him or to impede his progress. His true motives are unknown. Evil Tim wears a purple pimp suit and carries a pimp cane. Despite similar names, Tim and Evil Tim are not related much in any way.


A Matu is a sentient, spirit-like, wisp of energy. They can possess a humanoid body and switch between them at will. Matu's where created by the Godland Administration for the purpose of fixing errors in time.

Timothy Mankert is the first known Matu to exist and also the first one to be relieved from service.

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