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Nameless_Traveler, formerly known as TheRedeemed and ShadoWolf800, is an furry artist and fursuit builder. She joined the furry community on October 17, 2008.



Her character, Kiaga is a cheetah/jackal hybrid.

Other characters[edit]

In a "Ask Nameless" answer, Nameless Traveler said that she had around 20-30 characters, though more recently, she is said to have closer to 50, though many of them are not featured online.

  • Mina - Mina is a semi-retired character who is a black-blue wolf/jackal hybrid (She started out as a black wolf). She was TheRedeemed's main fursona up until late 2010.
  • Lyre - Lyre is a retired character who is a blue fox. She is Mina's sister.
  • Donga - Donga is a semi-retired character who is a grey chow/doberman mix. She is almost always depressed, so she is mostly featured in vent art and roleplays.
  • Amy - Amy is a semi-retired character who is a croc/hippo/lion hybrid. She is a vore character who has low intelligence, however, can be quite clever when it comes to tricking prey. She specializes in soul vore, though can also digest prey partiality and they come out alive albeit exhausted and normal digestion.

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