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Subbycoon in his fursuit

Subbycoon (Mikey in real life, also known as The Forgotten Coon; born April 6, 1988) is a fursuiter and writer who lives in Riverside, California, U.S.A.

Subby, the fursuit[edit]

Subbycoon's fursuit character is Subby, a raccoon with brown fur, a striped tail, and a bite mark on his left ear, along with four dark brown stripes along his back. His fursuit was created by Growly in 2007 and received in December 2007. His debut appearance was at Further Confusion 2008. He has made other appearances at The Prancing Skiltaire, Califur 2008, Anthrocon 2008, Midwest FurFest 2008, Further Confusion 2009, Anthrocon 2009, Mephit Fur Meet 13, and Midwest FurFest 2009.

Subbycoon, in real life[edit]

Subbycoon was raised mostly in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, he was exposed to the fandom via FurryMUCK and Tapestries. He enjoys hanging out with the local furry group, Fur-Now (California Furries). With this group he has helped organize meetings that are fursuit-friendly.

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