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AZION the Rare Protogen fursuit 2023
"Everglow" by thanshuhai 2022
Rikkun Zukheo the Drazerk
"No Return" by thanshuhai 2016
Rikkun the Wolfennec
"Perfect Blend" by thanshuhai 2012
Rikkun the Fennec

Thanshuhai (pronounced tan-shu-hai; born December 11), also known as Rikkun Zukheo the Drazerk  and AZION the Rare Protogen, is a half-Filipino, half-Vietnamese freelance furry artist and fursuiter from the Philippines.[1]


He was born in Lucena. Philippines. A former Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student, he worked part-time as a cashier and computer technician before becoming an artist in 2012.[2]

He moved to Baguio, Philippines in March 2023.[3]

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Thanshuhai has been a part of the furry fandom since April 2012. He is known for his illustrations and the furry avatars he made that were featured on BetaEtaDelota's video "The Stolen Artwork of the Furry Fandom". One of those artworks was commissioned by Kyle McCarthy, a green anthropomorphic akita inu character with headphones named NIIC dog. It is one of the artworks that was popularly seen used as profile pictures across the internet.[4]

He created the logo and the promotional art for the first furry convention in the Philippines, Philippine Anthro Festival 2014.[5] He made the promotional art for FurSquare 2019.[6] He was a Guest of Honor at FurryPinas 2019.[7]

In September 2022, the "RGB Protogens" were formed, and he is one of the trio of furry artists and Protogen fursuiters in that group.[8]


His former fursonas are also named Rikkun originally a fennec in April 16, 2012, then a wolf-fennec hybrid whom he refers to as a Wolfennec or Wolfen in April 23, 2014. He updated the character's color from brown to grey with some orange-brown accents on January 12, 2017. Lastly, he changed his fursona species to a Sergal hybrid in June 5, 2020, before he redesigned it to a Drazerk in June 11, 2022.[11]

Thanshuhai's main fursona is Rikkun Zukheo, which he calls a Drazerk a Dragon and Shark hybrid.[12]

His other fursona is AZION, a Protogen first seen on November 3, 2022. He's one of the "RGB Protogens".[13] AZION became one of the official Zenith's Outer Reach's Rare Protogen on September 29, 2023.[14]


  • AZION the Rare Protogen that was revealed in July 2023, the first fursuit he made himself with JtingF's electronic kit.[16]

Convention Attendance[edit]

Year Country Convention
2023 Philippines PhiliFur
2019 Malaysia Furs Upon Malaysia
2019 Philippines Furrypinas
2014 Philippines Philippine Anthro Festival


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