Thalyn Chatnoir

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Thalyn Chatnoir (born August 28th, 1978) is a furry who currently resides in Pennsylvania, USA. The self-styled "Resident GothKat of the Furryverse", Thalyn began his life as a furry in the mind of one Mark Moore on January 20, 1997. He began on Furcadia due to a random series of events, beginning with asking a friend on AOL what she was doing one night, out of boredom, and downloading Furcadia.

Through there, he found out about the old YiffNet IRC network, and later FurryMUCK and Tapestries MUCK. Since then, he has dedicated himself to helping others find the fandom, and discover all it has to offer. Currently, he spends his time helping others on Tapestries as part of its helpstaff, as well as a former staff member of Morphicon, in Columbus, Ohio, and Rocket City Furmeet, in Huntsville, Alabama.

A GothKat is a specific breed of furry feline, created in 2003 by Thalyn Chatnoir as a more adult and mature form of GothiKitty, his former species name. It is representative of a white feline, in his case a leucistic Snow Leopard, with blue eyes and no natural markings aside from a black steak under each eye. GothKats have a tendency toward the goth subculture.

So far, Thalyn Chatnoir is the only known GothKat, and is therefore, his own stereotype.

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