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Texas Howlnwolf.

Texas Howlnwolf, also know as Tex Wolf (born 1988), is a fursuiter and MILFur from Texas, USA.


At a young age, Texas Howlnwolf worked close at hand with live stock and mastered wrangling up cattle and horses. His horsemanship skills are like no other and his passion for rodeo keeps his cowboy spirit alive.

Tex keeps a close connection with nature as his Lakota background teaches and nurture his daily life. His passion in helping others carries him onward to hold out a helping hand to those that need it.

Tex's hobbies include ice hockey where he plays goalie as the number 52 for the hometown Huskies. His patriotic duties has taken him around the world as a member of the US Navy. After being discharged, he wishes to become a firefighter.


Texas Howlnwolf's fursona is a young wolf.

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