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Tevosilverfox, Tevo The Silverfox or well known As Tevo (Real name Tristan born July 1991) is a male Welsh furry that likes to keep himself quiet.

He currently lives in South Wales, U.K. with his parents.


Tristan's fursona is a silverfox called Tevo. His fursona contains small parts of Tristan to make him look more like himself, For example, Tevo has black hair on top of his head, A black spot on his right eye and also bright blue eyes. Tristan Also has black hair, A darker type skin on his right eye (Due to skin damage) And also blue eyes.

Tristan had created a user name back in August 2002 "Tevo3", the same time his father created a username called "Nevo2" and he stuck with it ever since. Tristan claims that Tevo stands for Tristan evolved, as his fursona being an evolved state of himself. The last name of Tevo is Silverfox, It is his species and his last name combined, Tristan's favourite fox species is the Silverfox.

Tevo has one unique item, his red collar with a gold name tag. Tevo always has this item in every drawing produced by Tristan. Tevo wears a collar to show he's a domesticated fox and he is no harm to anyone, he is very friendly but yet shy.

Tristan actually has his own collar with his fursona's name on it, but he refuses to wear it outdoors.


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Tristan is a basic furry artist and is on DeviantART. He has been a registered user since January 30th, 2011. Tristan spends many hours on deviantart, always keeping himself up to date with all his friends and watchers as he tries to learn new drawing skills to progress better in drawing his fursona. Tristan uses a Wacom bamboo small tablet for all his drawings and uses Photoshop elements 8. He is a self-taught artist and has much help from many of his friends.

Tristan normally only draws his fursona as he only wants to progress in just his fursona design. Tristan always updates his logo that he produced back at the start of his drawing status, He uses it on his drawings as a watermark symbol.

Involvement to the furry fandom[edit]

Tristan Has always kept himself closeted when it comes to him and the fandom. Not many of his family know about it. He has always been shy by nature and he can never express his furry self when around others. He has not attended to any furry conventions (1st feb 2012). He is in production of creating his own fursuit for use to a furry con. Tristan Mainly surrounds his furry fandom around his Deviantart account. Its the only place he feels comfortable to express his furry self. [1]

Tristan Claims to have been officially part for the fandom since 2010 but has been part of the fandom before then without even knowing it existed

He does not like anything to do with yiff and neither yiff in roleplay. He does not do much roleplay but when he does he only roleplays as his own fursona and only with friends he trusts. Tristan loves having his fursona comissioned by other artists and also is very much into anthro artwork and comics.