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Tevosilverfox, alsoknown as Tevo The Silverfox, or just Tevo,[1] is a male Welsh furry artist, fursuiter, and photographer who lives in South Wales, United Kingdom.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Tevo has been officially part for the furry fandom since 2010.

He has always kept to himself regarding the fandom, and not many of his family know about this involvement. He has always been shy by nature and he can never truly express his furry self when around others.

Tevo concentrates his furry interest around his furry art galleries, the only places he feels comfortable expressing his furry self, and also is very much into anthro artwork and comics.


His fursona is a silver fox called Tevo Silverfox).

Tevo had created his user name back in August 2002

Convention attendance[edit]


Tevo is a basic, self-taught, furry artist, spending most of the time on DeviantArt, being a registered user since January 30, 2011, keeping himself up to date with all his friends and watchers as he tries to learn new drawing skills to progress better in drawing his fursona.

Tevo uses a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop for all his drawings, always updating the logo that he produced back when he fisrt started drawing, using it on his drawings as a watermark symbol.


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