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Tes-Tui-H'ar (Gerritt Heitsch) is a German feline who started Eurofurence in 1995. Though no longer involved with the con, he remains active on FurryMUCK.

In Character history[edit]

Taken from his pinfo on FurryMUCK:

Tes-Tui-H'ar is not from this planet. In fact, his homeworld is not located in this galaxy. The linear drive of his space ship failed due to a worn out converter. Now his ship can't go faster than light any more and because there's no way to get a new converter or to fix the old one, he's trapped on this planet. After some problems with the members of the dominant species who call themselves humans, he found this place and decided to make it his home until he gets the chance to leave for his homeworld.
On his homeworld the names are divided in three parts, first name, group name and family name. Because he's the only one of his species in this place, calling him 'Tes' is ok.
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