Terry Whittier

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Terry Whittier
Date of death January 11, 2022
Profession or hobby Art commissioner, art patron
Character species Human
Caricature of Terry Whittier by artist Taral Wayne
Terry Whittier in the US Navy submarine, USS Pampanito. Photo by Taral Wayne

Terry Whittier was a furry commissioner, patron and photographer who lived in San Jose, California, USA

Fandom involvement[edit]

Whittier was a well-known commissioner of furry art who also maintained the Artwork Preservation FAQ,[1] providing advice for those people, fur or not who want to care for their own or collected furry artwork.


Whittier was a patron to several furry artists in the fandom, including Taral Wayne, Steve Martin, Shon Howell, and Brian Sutton, among others.


Diagnosed with cancer in 2021, Whittier died on January 11, 2022, of a burst artery in one of his lungs


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