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Terrayme was a female wolf character on Wild Spirits MUSH. She originated in a desert wolfpack, among whom the ability to find things was much stronger and far more common than in the lands around Wild Spirits MUSH. In fact, it was not uncommon for those no longer useful to the pack (such as an aging wolf who could no longer keep up in hunts) to meander and use the finding skill where it is of more use; this is how the elderly Terrayme came to travel a great distance until she found her place among the Hawk Canyon pack. There, she took the Hawk Canyon alphess RunningWind under her wing, so to speak, to pass on her magical finding ability.

Terrayme was a witty old shewolf, giving the occasional wisecrack or tearing even the largest horses down to size with her cut-throat wit. Beneath it all, however, demonstrated keen compassion and understanding, even across species boundaries, and she was a welcome visitor to several packs and herds.

OOC Information[edit]

The character's name was a mangling of 'terragon' (a misspelling of 'tarragon') and 'thyme,' the scent of herbs which hailed the presence of a mystic wolf in William Horwood's The Wolves of Time, which the character's player was reading at the time.