Tensai Nezumi

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Tensai Nezumi's user avatar from EAF.

Tensai Nezumi, also known as Ranshiin, Nivalis Capistrum, Nogitsune, and Spooky the Love Dragon, is the administrator of 2006 version of the Eat All Furries community.

She was the former maintainer of the Freya Crescent Shrine before handing it over to Smaug, and holds several other diverse accounts on various furry and otherkin communities (such as the user Tecumseh on Draconic.)

Formerly of Southeastern Georgia, she currently resides in Michiana, a region in northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan, centered on the city of South Bend.

Tensai Nezumi has an overwhelming affinity for rats, owning dozens at once in an intricate cage that spans many rooms so they can follow her. She also has an intense fascination with dragons; She adorns every surface and wanting space in her home with images of the mythical creatures.

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