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Tenino (pronounced ten-NINE-oh) or Tenino the Gothic Foxxe (born May 31, 1992) is an Australian furry artist and fursuiter from the South Coast, New South Wales, Australia. She lives with her mate, Azuura Husky, in Sutherland, New South Wales.


Tenino has one main fursona, plus three other sub-sonas that are linked to her main fursona.


Her fursona, Tenino, is a gothic foxxe, a unique sub-species of fox she created herself.

The back story for Tenino the Gothic Foxxe comes from an old series of short stories, called Gothic Tails, which Tenino wrote in 2010. The stories were based on a world turned dark, where human beings abuse the animals that they had once shared a strong alliance with. Each chapter focused on a different animal with a different story, including a wolf, a carthorse, a snake, a jackrabbit, a cat, and a raven. Tenino the foxxe was the last character to be added to the story. She was once a normal fox, but was caught in a fox-trap and subsequently bled to death. Her death, however, was somehow interrupted, and her soul was split from her body. Tenino became an undead creature, and her ghost, Shade, also walks the earth with her, beyond Tenino's knowledge.

Tenino did not create her visual representation. It was originally an adoptable which she won for free on deviantART, from the artist PurpleFluffyPawz. Tenino later edited the image a little, adding maroon to the backs of the ears, and extra markings to the face. Shade was later created by Tenino while she was in college, coming from a random unfinished sketch she did in her spare time.

Tenino has spent the last two years[when?] refining her fursona, recently[when?] changing the spelling of her last name to "Foxxe" to match with her Renaissance theme. In November, 2012, Tenino made her fursona into a partial fursuit, with the help of fellow South Coast furs, BC Wolf and Spence Birge.

The other three characters created by Tenino are Evaro (eh-VAH-roh) the sugar glider, Shade the ghost fox, and Camas the stagwolf. All of these names, aside from Shade, were taken from the book called Wolf: The Journey Home by Asta Bowen.

Evaro the Sugar Glider[edit]

Evaro is a purple-and-white sugar glider, and is Tenino's best friend. She is officially a micro character. Evaro is not a part of the Gothic Tails story, but is instead linked to Tenino's own spin-off story, along with another character called Timber, who is Tenino's older brother. Timber has not been used for much art or any written stories, but is, rather, an idea that sprouted but never festered.

Shade the Ghost Fox[edit]

Shade is Tenino's ghost bound to Earth. She is a greyscale generic red fox, an echo of Tenino's former living self. Shade is emotionless and expressionless, with completely white eyes without pupils or irises. She follows Tenino through the world as her protector, unbeknown at all to the undead foxxe.

Camas the Stagwolf[edit]

Camas was originally created for a competition on Fur Affinity (but did not win). Tenino ended up liking the character so much that she decided to keep him and use him in her art. There is no backstory for Camas. He is a stagwolf, a cross between a stag and a shewolf.


Tenino is an avid artist. She uses a variety of media, including lead and coloured pencils, markers, watercolour paints and pencils, acrylic paints, charcoal, and basic digital art. She also does clay modelling. In 2012, she started taking commissions.

Tenino has also delved in costuming, making an Eevee partial with the help of a friend, for Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2010.

In addition to visual art, Tenino plays guitar, sings, and writes her own music.


Tenino has attended furmeets and conventions. Her first convention was Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2010, followed by Supanova 2011, FurJAM 2012 (her first furmeet), Octofur 2012 (organised by best friend Trigger Wolf), and MiDFur 2012: The Furry Apocolypse Cometh.

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