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Felixpath (born October 17, 1986, in Vermont, USA;[1] died October 26, 2016)[2] was a furry artist and writer who lived in Colorado.[1] In his creative endeavours, Felixpath portrayed various forms of asphyxiation and breath control.

Felixpath's fursona was a fruit bat, and he was mated to Destrega, a red squirrel.

Ten Types of Furry......[edit]

Ten Types of Furry...... is a series of journal posts written by Felixpath on his website on Fur Affinity. The first of these journals, written on December 18th, 2011, is a list of ten different kinds of furry that other furries hate.[3] The first post was so popular that another was written up on February 29th, 2012,[4] and a third and final list on May 3rd, 2012.[5]

This journal post became Felixpath's most popular at the time, and was posted on Twitter by (amongst others) Bad Dragon.[4]

Following the popularity of the original post, Felixpath decided to added two follow up lists, consisting of some of his own nominations and nominations by other furries commenting on the original post.[4]


On October 27, 2016, Destrega reported that Felixpath had "decided to take his own life" the previous morning.[2]


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