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Feeding (by Temrin)

Temrin is an artist who resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Temrin's main character is Temrin Sanjem, a female hybrid Ethiopian wolf/serval cat/dragon vampire.[1]

Community work[edit]

VancouFur - Social Media Lead (2012-2017) / Artist Liaison (2014-2017) / Conbook Cover Organizer (2014-2017) / GOH Liaison (2015-2017)

  • Ended staffing duties (outside of helping with art assets) as of April 9th 2017

Tigerdile - Social Media Lead / HomeCon Organizer (started in 2015, no longer running as of 2018.)

Howloween - Social Media Lead & Web Dev (since 2012) / Vice Chair (since 2017)

Surfur - Web Dev (2015 Only)

Also runs some other community driven projects like Canvas Swap Zine and Anthro Art Prompts.


  1. [NUDE Temrin Ref 2013 - by Temrin] uploaded 2013 July 17 to Fur Affinity. Retrieved 2015 May 6.

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