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Tempo Robinson (real name Harmony Johnson, born August 16), is a furry artist, writer, sculptor, and craftsman who lives in Ironton, Missouri, USA.

Her fursona is a grouchy-sweet bipedal Himalayan cat with cream-and-chocolate fur. She wears a black coat, sweatpants, glasses, and hot pink slippers. Her right eye is permanently crossed inward when depicted as an old woman. She sports pink lipstick and blush, but strangely has no other makeup on at any time. Tempo is disabled like how she was in real-life for two years, and uses the same coloured cane her creator used. Tempo's age fluctuates between 68 and Harmony's current age depending on the narrative or situation. Whenever she is used in a role-play or a fictional story, she is 68-years-old and implied to have grandchildren. When used as a personal character, such as in comics to express personal feelings or events that happened in Harmony's life, she is depicted as the age of the owner. Tempo has yet to have a proper reference sheet.

Her twin brother is not interested in the fandom but has designed a joke fursona to be used in her stories about her personal life. His "sona" is a black bison with glasses who wears a green Pokemon shirt, tan shorts, white tennis shoes, and copper jewellery--a ring on his nose and a ring on his hoof. A fire opal earring adorns his left ear.

Given that she officially joined the furry fandom during the heyday/because of Five Nights at Freddy's, she is under the New Fur category.


The first iteration of her fursona under the name Tempo was an animatronic OC (original character) from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise and had the surname Roboson. She was originally just a Siamese cat with darker blue eyes and matching hot pink blush and lipstick. After a while of having her as that version, a friend convinced her that the art style was "tacky" and lacked creativity because the cat was modelled from a pre-existing franchise. He also brought up some potential legal trouble because Harmony wanted to make a logo for her planned fursuit company, Robo Cat Studios (now named "Grandma's Kitchen"), that had Tempo featured as the mascot and logo. Taking his advice, she redesigned her as an organic Himalayan cat to see the difference it would make. It made plenty.

Tempo Robinson is a wrinkly, short, fat, and sassy old woman with a trick knee and a hippie past. She lives in the futuristic megacity-state Synoropolis's District 14 in a small apartment. She is kind and gentle to children and people who are hard on their luck, but she is very blunt and tells the truth as she sees it. She is superstitious but is seemingly contradictory, given that she is a firm believer in science alongside her metaphysical beliefs. When she isn't at home knitting, she is quite the party animal and will talk your ear off. The spark in her never died from when she was younger, and honestly it feels like she channels Betty White sometimes. She enjoys tea, dolls, roses, crystals, reading, and small talk with a good wine cooler and a puff off her pink pipe when she isn't causing mayhem. She is the usherette and hostess for The Digital Cinema. Her friend is Valentina Musique, a 71 black-and-white dog with dyed green accents. She was friends with a skunk named Katherine Doyle before she passed away from a manalos, a drug similar to heroin, overdose at the age of 23.

"Usherette Tempo Robinson, at your service. Pleased to meet you. Please, take a seat. The feature presentation is about to begin."

Her secondary fursona is Violamakt, the first Ti'Ban-u, an original species Tempo made with a language crafted and a culture under development. She is an olive green with red panda-esque markings. Violamakt is a worry wort of a woman who has to put on an act of toughness to hide her cowardly nature.

Writing, art, and characters[edit]

Tempo is mostly active on Furry Amino, but has other furry social media accounts she occasionally uploads to. She mostly draws horror and grotesque traditional art, pixel art done in MS Paint, basic character art in IbisPaint, and watercolour paintings in Fire Alpaca. She has currently written two furry stories, one as a gift for a friend about his elephant character, Nurse Menhera, and one involving her own characters. Both stories are named after lullabies, however, the gift was a sad backstory and the original story is a short horror tale.

Tempo aspires to make movies, with one in particular in mind: Synoropolis (Frontier City), a 2D-animated furry crime drama/action movie that takes place in a futuristic dystopian world. She has an entire cast of characters planned out for the movie, but her favourite of the line-up is SnoBall, a down-on-her-luck street sweeper turned pill seller who has to save her girlfriend, Geraldine Reed, from the evil clutches of drug lord Go-Go and Governor Cheryl.

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