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Telegram is a cloud-based instant messenger service that provides end-to-end encrypted chats and video calling, VoIP, file sharing, groups, announcement channels, and other features.[1]

Launched in 2013, it has since grown to one of the top five downloaded apps worldwide, reporting more than 700 million active users as of June 2022.[2] Telegram is accessible via web browser or application available on Android, iOS and iPadOS, and/or Windows, MacOS and Linux.[3].

Telegram's server is closed-source. Signing up for Telegram requires a phone number and an Android or iOS phone.

Telegram and furry[edit]

A Telegram sticker from the "Cheetah" pack drawn by NowandLater.

Over 2,500 furry Telegram chat groups are listed[4], demonstrating its popularity among the furry fandom as a social networking platform. Common topics for furry Telegram groups include artwork sharing, buying and selling art commissions and fursuits, species-specific chats, organizing furmeets and conventions, and hobby subgroups such as furry gamers or furry pin collectors, among other purposes. Users can find furry groups using Telegram's built-in keyword search, or with the help of external repositories such as the Telegram Furlist.

Many furry conventions, including Anthrocon[5], Midwest FurFest[6], Eurofurence[7], and countless others, use read-only announcement channels[8] on Telegram to quickly broadcast official news, update bulletins and announcements to followers. This is convenient for furries to keep abreast of registration deadlines and other important dates, and for con attendees to obtain real-time updates, such as schedule changes, during the convention.


Telegram allows users to upload custom animations or static images, individually or in public collections known as packs (or sticker packs) which serve as expressions in the style of emoji.

Users can download sticker packs made by others, similar to LiveJournal's mood themes, or send individual stickers without saving the entire pack.[9] Telegram was the first major chat platform to offer a custom sticker feature,[10] quickly garnering popularity among furries making and distributing stickers featuring their fursonas or original characters. Users can draw or commission an artist for a fully custom sticker (or pack), use the public sticker packs of other furries, edit free-to-use or pay-to-use sticker bases, or use sticker packs that feature generic representations of an animal or species. Telegram has over 363,000 individual furry stickers and 11,000 furry sticker packs.[11]


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