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Hailing from North America, Telbert Coaltender first learned of the furry world during his college years while reading through articles on the USENET newsgroup Eventually, he made his way to the furry-oriented multiple-user chat kingdom FurryMUCK. After a brief stint in a feline form, he settled on his current form as a toon skunk railroad engineer.

Inspired by the classic cartoons from MGM and Warner Brothers, Telbert's favorite cartoon trick is to imitate a steam locomotive by shuffling around, puffing smoke from his striped tail while occasionally venting steam from his nose in a loud whistle. For the benefit of those watching this display, the scent vented from his tail during these imitations is pleasant and not the usual defensive spray employed by skunks. However, Telbert is still capable of emitting a defensive (and unpleasant) spray if threatened or otherwise upset.

Telbert also has limited shape-changing abilities. One form he can assume is that of a skunktaur (anthropomorphic skunk torso above a quadruped skunk body). Another form is much like his default form, but with a longer, fluffier tail.

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