Tekno Catron

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Tekno Catron.

Tekno Catron (M. Geurtsen; born June 12th, 1985), also known as just Tekno, is a furry artist who lives in the Netherlands. His fursona is a rox, a rabbit-fox hybrid.[1]

His hobbies include art, music, and Second Life scripting. He makes coding and scripting services available under the business name NeoSphere Production, and he is a worker for "Foxkin Rentals".

As music artist, he goes by the name Rox On Shrooms, which was originally given to him by the user Graydient in Second Life.

From 2014, he became responsible for the maintenance and hosting of the FurVention website, e-mail system, and databases. (These closed on September 2, 2015.)


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