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Kitfixxies, previously known as Rayven Wolffe, (born October 11, 1983)[1] is a San Joaquin Kit Fox who lives at The Fox Box in northern Illinois with her husband Nihaler, their 3 cats Skippy, Jif and Reese and 3 rats Koshou, Kasumi and Kamori. Originally from southern California, she is a furry artist who dabbles in everything from 2-D art to sculpture to fursuit building. She plays on Second Life and FurryMUCK, and is active with the Lake Area Furry Friends. Rayven was, at one time, one of the organizers of one of LAFF's monthly bowling events.

Kitfixxies has a collection of fox plushies, with over 60 different ones on her walls. Many other plushies join the "Voop Troop," as the collection is called, including wolves and Shelties. Each individual plush has its own name and personality.

Kitfixxies has a vast spiritual range of beliefs, mostly Christian, but she also believes in animal totems, spirit guides and other native American beliefs. For her, the fox is not just a character, but who she is on the inside; and being a lifestyler fur, she hopes someday that it will be who she is on the outside as well.

Kitfixxies can also be seen fursuiting as a Double Merle Shetland Sheepdog named Tehya, or a wolf named Nevyar.

Kitfixxies's entire family is furry. Her older brother Panther is a panther and she has 3 younger sisters: Strype, a chimera, Amulet, a wolf and Pearly, a painted unicorn. Her mother, Sylvan Oak, is a fairy rabbit and her stepfather, Taslen, is a Brown bear.


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