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Joshua Kennedy, full Joshua W. Kennedy, also known as JW Kennedy, Dr Phlogiston and Tegerio, is a furry comic artist from Virginia, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Joshua Kennedy was a contributing artist for Huzzah and Gallery and many other publications for years, and continued to publish through MU Press. His art was published in The American Journal of Anthropomorphics issue 3 and 4.

Joshua once posted art to Fchan; however, in 2006 he stopped contributing altogether because he disagreed with what he considered a rude request to create more explicitly pornographic work than what he had been posting.[citation needed]

Aside from contributing to a few zines and furry comic books, he stated that he has no desire to follow the furry fandom.[citation needed] This stance had softened by December 2007, when he began posting artwork on Fur Affinity again.

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