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TeeKay, art by Jerk.[1][2]
TeeKay fursuit, photograph by Mikepaws.[3][4]
Art of Arsen Delacroix (left), with TeeKay, art by Stefi Heartlilly[5][1][2].

TeeKay, also known as TK (born September 14, 1985) is a fursuiter who lives in Harlow, Essex, England.[6]

Fandom involvement[edit]

TeeKay became a crew member for the Art Auction of ConFuzzled in 2014, and he joined Just Fur The Weekend as a staff member upon its foundation; as of 2017 he is listed as head of public relations.[7] He enjoys doing both as it brings the enjoyment and fulfilment of giving back to the fandom. Due to time constraints and moving to another continent in the coming year, TeeKay decided to no longer be a crewmember following ConFuzzled 2016, allowing him to fully concentrate on Just Fur the Weekend.


TeeKay's fursona is a Barbary Lion[6] with Time Lord DNA, two hearts, and the universe at his finger tips.


  • TeeKay - The fursuit depicting his fursona, which was constructed by Coyoroo.[8]

Conventions and events[edit]


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