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Ted Vollmer (also known as OldeWolfe; born October 30, 1963)[1] is a furry artist.

Born in Los Angeles but raised in Spokane, Washington, Ted realized his artistic talents while in highschool, drawing dragons.

In late 1995, he began corresponding with Carole and Mike Curtis, creators of the comic books Katmandu and Shanda the Panda. Prompted by the Curtises, his artwork turned toward the anthropomorphic, eventually seeing print in various publications including Katmandu, New Horizons, Fur Visions, and a number of fanzines. Ted goes by the pen-name "OldeWolfe", as his totem animal is the wolf, and he is a greymuzzle in the furry fandom.[1]

Retired from the U.S. Navy, Ted lived in Ramona, California, a small town outside of San Diego for 19 years before moving back to his hometown of Spokane, Washington in 2016.

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