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Fluffy and Josh

Team Galaxy is an animated television series. The part of Team Galaxy that furries will be most interested in are the Ultrapets.


Team Galaxy tells the story of 3 young friends who attend Galaxy High, a school which trains students to become Space Marshals who handle missions on far away planets.


Although the three main students are human, the school is also host to a number of aliens. Some of the students and teachers are aliens.

3 main students[edit]

  • Josh, a rebel 17-year-old adrenaline-junkie
  • Yoko, a wannabe pop singer
  • Brett, a headstrong boy-genius


  • Principal Kirkpatrick
  • Mrs. Schragger
  • Mr. Spzoerscliipw’ (aka Mr. S), also of alien origin [1]

The Ultrapets[edit]

Each student is assigned a pet-robot that serves as an aide and companion. They are cute, but if provoked the Ultrapets can transform into a powerful fighting machine. [1]

  • Fluffy, a red robotic dog who is Josh's ultrapet.


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