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Tay Ferret, also known as KTCopache (born August 18, 1989), is a furry artist and video game developer who lives in Illinois, Chicago, USA.


Tay's personal character is a ferret.

Game design[edit]

Wiggle Cats

Tay was the creator of Roux the Dragon's Mini-Games, a couple of sexy mini-games involving his dragon character Roux, a Half-Life mod whereas it turned the game's scientists into ferrets, a ferret-themed single layer version of a Slither.io Snake variant called Wiggle Cats,[1][2] and a pornographic version of Pokémon X and Y's Pokémon-Amie.[3]


Tay openly describes himself as a pedophile and zoophile, and this and the posting of related content has led to his departure from several websites.

In his former X profile, he listed himself as a:

Tay Ferret
Furry, pre-teen-attracted, pro-contact (but law-abiding), zoophilic, white, cis, privileged, adult male game programmer.
Tay Ferret

His first X account was banned for his artwork in January 2017, and several other accounts there and elsewhere were subsequently suspended. He stopped using SoFurry after it dropped support for cub porn.

In October 2019 he was permanently banned from Fur Affinity because:

Tay Ferret
We do not believe that you are a good match for our community.[4]
Tay Ferret

He would later leave Pixiv, the Japanese online community for artists, because, as he states:

Tay Ferret
I'm not posting here anymore. They removed some of my human kid drawings (which was the main reason I was using this site in the first place.).[5]
Tay Ferret


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