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Taw Echo (also known as a_bat, born July 24) is a Canada-based Twitch streamer, VTuber and 3D modeller. He was formerly a Site Director and Forum Head for Weasyl until April 2018.[1]


Taw is a black flying fox (Pteropus alecto). His fur is black with a grey chest and belly, blue eyes and medium-length black hair. His wings are attached to his back, not down his arms and sides like a typical bat. He is usually depicted wearing a large red collar and with a small pair of glasses perched on his snout.[2] Ironically, although he is a fruit bat, he is allergic to apples.[3]

Furry fandom[edit]

Taw became active in the fandom midway through 2009, mainly via IRC chatting, furry game servers, and posting art on Fur Affinity. Taw purchased a fursuit from Temperance in 2010, and has occasionally worn it around his hometown for fun, such as going to Denny's or random outings with friends or local furs.

Taw attended VancouFur 2012. This was his first furry convention, although he had been to a few anime conventions previously.


Taw mainly specializes in 3D modelling, particularly hard surfaces and level design. Additionally he dabbles in other forms of digital media, such as space-themed wallpapers and photo manipulations. He graduated from a 3D Game Animation and Modelling program in September 2012. He used to study cinematography and photography in his spare time. He previously worked in 3D modelling professionally, but moved away from doing so in 2015.[4]


Taw came across Weasyl one night in September, 2011, stumbling upon an upload by Kihari. He offered to help in the form of making some designs and images to help spruce up the look of the project, before Aden took over in regards to the design. As Forum Head, he put together the functionality and style of the forums and maintained them.

On September 2, 2013, he stepped down from the project temporarily due to personal reasons unrelated to the project. However, he returned as a Site Director a month later, before resigning the role in April 2018.[1]

Twitch streaming[edit]

Taw started regularly streaming on Twitch.tv in 2020, using a 3D VTuber avatar of his bat fursona. As of January 9, 2022, he has around 3,700 followers and 40,000 video views.[5] He founded the Miscreants stream team in January 2022.


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