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This article is about the furry artist. For the Star Wars species, please see Wookiee.
Wookiees fursuits Tauntuan and Dodger at MFF 2007

Wookiee is an artist and greymuzzle who lives in Ontario, Canada.[1] He is known for his anthropomorphic artwork, both in 2D (largely computer colored) and sculpted forms. He tends to draw portraits, male/male work, and less frequently, male/female. He is fond of lions, horses, wolves, and of course dragons, of whom are frequently present in his art. Dragons are also found in his personal life in the form of home decoration.

Wookiee was an early FurNation artist, and his work is on display in the FurNation Worlds art gallery. He currently[when?] does not take commissions. He attends conventions such as Anthrocon and Midwest FurFest and enjoys fursuiting. He was slated to be the Guest of Honor at Furry Fiesta 2010 but personal conflicts forced him to cancel his plans to attend.


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