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Tatsu Kimiero is a 4 tailed Kitsune Who resides in Salt Lake City, Utah


Tatsu was born weird, most Kitsune children are born with one tail and gain a tail every 100 years of life. Tatsu was born with four tails and as such, has the power of a 400 year old Kitsune, in the body of an eight year old child.

Tatsu is plenty playful and enjoys having intelligent conversations with adults and older kids. he's never been quite his age but still has the capacity to act like a child. he enjoys spending time with others, hugs, chess, video games, and various Martial arts as well as magic arts. oh... and magic... yahknow... the gathering. Kitsune illusion magic makes Magic the gathering fun... VERY fun...

Tatsu's body cannot physically hold the amount of magical energy he generates. if he does not use his powers often enough the energy would surely build up and make his little head burst. as an infant his parents even had to siphon off energy, and you can always tell when Tatsu has not used his powers enough because he'll get grumpy and uncomfortable until he DOES use his powers. Usually he has a constant stream of low level magic flowing from his body in the form of a spell that improves the mood of everyone around him. he's like a little sun lamp, cept cute and not tacky.

Tatsu, sometimes, is a micro. standing at one inch tall. he has the ability to change to his two foot tall form at will but prefers being small, for some silly reason that he doesn't really know himself.

Teenage Years[edit]

Tatsu at age 19 is a young boy whom works for the APC (Apocalypse prevention Center) he is fun loving and has a strong sense of right and wrong. his job is mainly stopping various things, he prevents anything devastating before it even really starts

Tatsu Stands four feet tall when Normal sized and two inches tall when micro. his body is STILL not powerful enough to hold all the energy he generates but he actually has the potential to run OUT of energy now days since he uses it almost TOO much. Tatsu's Pockets carry a spell that allows him to fit five times more stuff inside of them than physically possible. he also carries a small foldable box that when opened, can be used as a shelter. it is 4feet(wide)x4feet(long)x1 foot (deep) but inside it's the size of a small apartment.

Tatsu carries a combat staff with him at all times. it hangs in a little cylinder on his belt, but this cylinder is also a pocket dimension bag. it holds the three foot long pole and is only about four inches long. he also carries in a holster inside his vest a 50. cal. magnum that shoots bolts of concentrated energy that he himself supplies it with. the clip is composed of a crystal that absorbs energy and converts it into fire, ice, or wind depending on what the kit wants. it's more of a spell focus than anything else.

Tatsu's personality is fun loving and adventurous. he still loves intelligent conversation and always hangs out with older people now days. people his age annoy him but he Loves little kids and enjoys playing with them as long as they're not little brats. Tatsu usually doesn't take kindly to being ignored or disregarded on account of his young age and can sometimes get in somebody's face about it.

Real Life[edit]

Tatsu is Currently age 19 living in Salt Lake City, Utah. He considers himself a furry life styler and enjoys art, Writing, Dancing, and Video games.

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