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Rhianna Ravenclaw is the fursona of Tasha Rose (born November 11th, 1982). Tasha is a female freelance poet, author, artist, creator of Furgasmic.com, and a longtime member of the furry community. She currently resides in a small town in northern Wisconsin.


Rhianna is a dominant female weretigress with two tails and an unusual yet exotic fur pattern ~ black with silver stripes. She is known for having various pets all of whom are hers through choice rather than through force. She will own no more than five at any one time. As of late, she has been too busy to give her pets the attention they require and deserve and will not be taking any on until real life events allow her to spend more time online.

Her fursona has been drawn many times by several different artists, often from real-time conversations and the results can be seen on Furgasmic in her character information thread. Her art and her stories can be found on Fur Affinity, as well as on Furgasmic.com. Though she is currently taking a break from roleplaying, several of her old roleplay logs are also posted on Furgasmic.

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