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Tasakeru is a fantasy web-novel series written by BHS.


The story takes place on an alternate version of Earth where humans never existed. In their place, certain mammal species have evolved into humanoid "sentients", each species living by its own cultural laws and morals.

In a small island country called Sankami, there are eight of these sentient species: squirrels, foxes, badgers, wolves, skunks, ferrets, rabbits, and raccoons. They have clashed with each other for centuries, but after the coming of three Gods to the island, there was an effort at unification. A great city was built in honor of the Gods, and society flourished...only to start to fall apart once more over religious differences once the Gods became ingrained into each culture. Now the city is split into eight sections sealed off by high walls, and there is a steady, fragile truce.


The main characters of the story are the Outcasts, a small group composed of sentients of multiple species, all of whom have rebelled against or been rejected by their societies. These Outcasts become inexorably drawn into Sankami's history as they grow closer together, eventually becoming critical to the very survival of the island and its people.

  • Hanami - An 18-year-old female squirrel with golden hair, caramel-colored fur, and pale blue eyes. Hanami was exiled for using magic, which is against her species' religious views. She possesses a strange enchanted flower that she calls the Mage Flower, which has the unique ability to grow any type of plant she has ever touched. Upon fleeing to Tasakeru at the story's beginning, she was attacked by a group of feral spiders, and was rescued by Zero. Naturally very shy, withdrawn, and soft-spoken, the Outcasts slowly help her to become more open and trusting.
  • Zero - A runaway former samurai, Zero (full name Zeromaru Takaichi) is a 22-year-old male squirrel with brown eyes, hair, and fur. He was exiled for running away from his military service after a terrible battle with a deranged cult of Death God worshippers, during which he was the only one unharmed. He is very stubborn, impulsive, and somewhat overprotective (especially of Hanami and his younger sister Naole), but is also ferociously loyal to his friends. He carries an old, weatherbeaten katana, a family heirloom.
In Book IV: Twilight Dreams, Zero forged a contract with the God of Time in order to save Hanami, who was possessed by the spirit of an old enemy. In exchange for the power to save her life, he agreed to become an avatar of sorts (called a Kenshin), giving him the ability to briefly take on the Time God's form.
  • Faun - A 19-year-old vixen with auburn hair and green eyes. Faun (full name Faunelle Reinaka) is an expert thief, having grown up homeless on the streets of Shinboku with no way to feed herself other than to steal. She is beautiful, clever, and extremely egotistical. Her preferred weapons are homemade bombs, which she carries in a bandolier slung over her shoulder.
  • Ashpaw - A 28-year-old male badger, the largest and strongest of the group. Ashpaw loves to read and houses a small library in his den on all sorts of subjects. He was exiled for breaking his species' code prohibiting the wielding of weapons; he forged his own morning star in an attempt to awaken his people to the dangers that they were soon to face.

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