Taren Nauxen

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Taren was born on June 25, 1985, and lives in Tempe, Arizona with his fiancee, SemJay. In 2007 he received his Bachelors Degree in computer science at Northern Illinois University and in 2009 he earned a Masters Degree in the same thing at Arizona State University. Taren is currently working another job while running his fursuit/fleece hat business with SemJay, The Furducers. The two have been working together to build fursuits since 2006.

Taren has been involved with furry since around MFF 2004.

Taren's character is a golden western non-anthro dragon, most notable for his green eyes, white horns, and black claws. Taren has other dragon characters, but rarely mentions them. Taren also has several non-dragon characters that are strictly for fursuiting.

More recently, Taren created FA Rank, a rating system that ranks Fur Affinity users by the number of watchers they have. Although Taren just made this rank for fun, many people were upset with it. Still, enough people kept asking him to update it, so the list continues to be updated every couple of months.

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