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Tarathene is currently located in Sacramento CA, USA. She was only peripherally attached to the fandom at large until she moved to Utah and joined the local offline furry community in the Salt Lake City area. She was a member of one local group that eventually disbanded due to communication and scheduling issues, then rejoined the local furries some time after the founding of the Utah Furry Forum. Tarathene was later chosen as one of the moderators of the group, a position she maintained until stepping down voluntarily to deal with personal issues.

In the spring of 2010, she moved to Sacramento where she currently resides with one of her girlfriends and other members of her extended chosen family.

Her normal fursona is a hybrid snow leopard/raccoon, usually in a quadrupedal form. She is frequently seen as many other creatures, some of them classifiable only as impossible. Tarathene does identify as otherkin, but this is related to memories of past lives instead of any current lack of humanity.

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