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Trapa's Conifur 2001 con badge, by Auryanne
Using the radios, Trapa and a small group of furries including RainRat created a giant pawprint in the snow.
Katan One of Trapa's fursuits, based on (with permission) Tirrel's character Katan the Aztek critter from the associated video.
Sleeping Civet Picture of a African civet taken by Trapa during a trip to the San Diego zoo in the late 1990's.

Trapa (born October 10, 1979) is an African civet who is based in British Columbia and attends and staffs a number of conventions. First interactions with the fandom date back as early as 1994 where he started on IRC and then proceeded to create his character on character on The Lion King MUCK. He owns several fursuits, one of which is also a African civet.

Convention experience[edit]

Trapa was a key player in helping to start Califur, RainFurrest, VancouFur, FurEh, BronyCAN, and has consulted on NordicFuzzCon, Furaleigh, CampFur and several other events. He has chaired Califur, RainFurrest and VancouFur, in that order. His experience with conventions has let him retain seats on the board of directors that oversee RainFurrest, Vancoufur, and BronyCAN.

In addition to simple conventions, Trapa has also orchestrated several fun group-trips to various places, including several years of the FC Van trip, and the Califur Train trip.

Convention Master[edit]

Trapa's involvement with so many conventions led him create a fandom-driven convention registration software known as Convention Master. This software also works to help in many other aspects of convention planning, including Dealers Den, art show, volunteers, convention operations, and treasury.


In addition to the convention software, a small group including Kay, Aloha, and Trapa have gotten together to form a organization known as CRAWR which has a fleet of emergency preparedness radios that are loaned to conventions. The fleet of radios has grown quite sizable (100+ radios, 3 repeaters, 20+ Tone-Remotes), and includes a fully digital capable radio fleet.

Amateur radio[edit]

Trapa is a certified ham radio operator in Canada and the USA. Within Canada he can examine and issue new ham radio operator licenses, and does so frequently with the hopes of making new furry amateurs. Within the USA he has a General license, and as such, is trying to work with Kay and a few others to be able to do examination sessions at various conventions.

Real life[edit]

Trapa has a bachelors degrees in computer science, and works as a network administrator. He studies networking and network security, but mostly works with storage area networks and virtualization.

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