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Tank Dog (also known as Tank, Edehn, or magically sacreligious; born May 24, 1986) is a furry artist who has been in the fandom since 2002. Tank occupies a space somewhere in the middle of Minnesota, USA, and has attempted to remain active in the MNFurs (formerly the SNC Furs) group. She is engaged to Grunge Collie.

The character Tank is a mix between an African wild dog and a domestic mutt. The name Tank Dog was derived from the movie Tank Girl and her look (namely the eyewear) comes from the saying "All Tank Dogs need good goggles".


Tank is primarily an anthro artist. She is/was[clarify] studying graphic design.


Tank fell into the furry fandom through another local fur one afternoon, when he asked her a weird question[clarify] about tails. During her sophomore year, she found Jax The Purple Bat's Elfwood account.

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