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Tango Delahunt (J. K. Beasley, born 1978) is a MILFur who lives in Portland, Maine, U.S.A., with his mate, Vizaxyn. His fursona is a Florida panther who is usually seen drinking a glass of Johnny Walker Black Label.

Tango Delahunt as drawn by FayV

Tango Delahunt is also a stand up comic (when he has the time), and an aspiring writer of furry fiction. He discovered the furry fandom while trolling several of members, such as Conner Hemming and Wolfee Darkfang. Tango Delahunt was in the United States Marine Corps as an assaultman (0351) from 1998 to 2002. While in the US Marines, he met Vizaxyn who was also enlisted as a marine.

Tango also has varied interests outside the fandom such as paranormal research, folklore, and history. He is also an avid poker player, encouraging other furs to take up the sport.

Portland Coffee and Fur Tango Delahunt and Vizaxyn founded the Portland Coffee and Fur Meet in Portland, Maine. The meets are free to attend and are PG with fursuiters welcome. Meetings happen on the last Saturday of the month unless it's a holiday and the location is closed. The meets tend to focus on what Tango refers to as 'nerd banter' with free donuts and the occasional planning of future furry events. Unfortunately, the location where the furmeets happened was no longer able to host such events as of 2011. Tango has been looking for other venues ever since.

Drinking With Tango

In an effort to provide 'non-porn' furry entertainment, Tango created a drinking show where furries can send in requests for various drinks he can try. His YouTube channel can be found here.

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