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Taneizaereus (born 1989) is an Filipino furry and manga artist, based in Makati. He draws anime/manga and anthropomorphic people.


His main fursona is half fish and half human: anthropomorphic (humanoid) shark or shark is Seijiren Highwing, who is muscled/muscular and is an hybrid shark-man that has long black beard, Sasukazedon the anthropomorphic dragon who has long blond beard and Shin Terenmoredon who is Orca and Killer Whale with black-blue hue.

Seijiren Highwing[edit]

Japanese Name Given: せいじれん Or セイジレン means "Lawful Zero"

He's the "King of the Seas". His ability to get glyphs from his villains' monsters. His glyph color is blue, sky blue and ultramarine blue. His eyes are blue. His blood seems to be both red and blue. He has an ability to regenerate his wounds he causes and receives. His weapon seems to be heavy greatswords, axes, spears, launchers to battle his foes. His mystical ability he can use glyphs. His glyph known is Illuminis. He uses Glyph systems like Shanoa in Castlevania: Order Of Ecclesia does.

He is the hybrid shark and human. His history remembers thousands of years ago.

His history:

When he was in preteens in ancient times. His parents were now his spirits that were living his body. When he was in the 30s, his aging ceased and attained immortality. Then centuries passed, he saw the humany immortal/eternal seraph Sera Anima, daughter of Lamington of Celestia...

In early times, he was the Overlord with Laharl. When Laharl's father died, he saw Aramis and became his sidekick however.

In 1700s, he saw the infants Azalieline and Azanier, human person, children of Reizanliline. When they were grown up, they became his mentors.

In 1800s, his homeplace Reikanbaak, he and his citizens were in danger. But Seijiren sent his troops to fight some his opponents. During the time of Ecclesia, Shanoa defeated Dracula using Dominus, then Shanoa journeyed alone, leaving three Dominus Glyphs, then he found Dominus Glyph for the future use.

Today, he journeys and protects with his friends he intends to do whatever he wants.


The anthropomorphic/humanoid female bunny who is Seijiren's sidekick. However, she doesn't like/want Dominus Glyph because it can destroy the world.

Shin Terenmoredon[edit]

Japanese Name: しん ーテレンモレドン (Shin means True in Japanese)

The anthropomorphic Orca/Killer Whale in black and bluish-gray colors. His tattoos are on his shoulders and chest. He's the former foe of Seijiren. His ability to absorb Glyphs and Power Of Dominance are much like Shanoa in Castlevania: Order Of Ecclesia and Soma Cruz in Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow/Aria Of Sorrow. He's the muscle of the group, like Sasukazedon. His new foe that is his evil twin (that is his doppelganger) but is similar to him but to have purple hue and red eyes. His race is Noctis Orcinus (Night/Nocturne Orca)


An anthropomorphic dragon with long, blond beard and many scars on his body. Will have to be okay yet anatomical without his clothes despite his nudity.

Misc Information[edit]

March 3/4, 2009 - His new account is Xelio-Taneizaereus

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