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Tamias (formerly known as The Black Hand) is a furry who lives in Michigan, United States.[1] His fursona debuted as a "spiffy tuxedo wearing chipmunk billionaire".[2] but evolved into the Chipmunk Chieftain and principle character of the Chipmunk Kingdom storyline.

Tamias joined the furry fandom on December 31st, 2007.[1] He had known about the fandom for over a decade previously, but been reluctant to openly join because of the criticism he had seen directed towards the fandom by its detractors. Tamias was prompted to announce his inclusion in the fandom after seeing furries on YouTube (particularly Alexander Grey) enjoying being furries in the face of criticism from trolls. He currently produces furry artwork and runs a Minecraft server themed after the Chipmunk Kingdom storyline.

In real life, Tamias is a freelance digital artist. Anthropomorphic animals are a small part of the subject matter featured in his artwork.


Tamias the Chipmunk (Full Name Tamias Orenberg), is a clever chipmunk backed up by his wit. He is peace loving by nature with a complex personality shaped by a not fully understood past and a forgotten childhood. As the Cheiftain of the Chipmunk Kingdom he is faced with the daunting task of being the spiritual leader of the kingdom and being at the forefront of the battle to stave off increasing threats posed by a villainous organization known as the HSO. As Tamias's primary fursona, the chipmunk chieftain serves three functions. First and foremost he is Tamias's avatar embodying his online presence. Secondly he is his primary roll play character, and third he is the starring character in the Chipmunk Kingdom storyline.

Bri the Raccoon (Full Name: Brian Hunter) is full of mischief and is the ubiquitous troublemaker who loves to play tricks and pranks on others. His sly and charismatic personality gets him into trouble as much as it gets him out of it. Like many raccoons, he wields strong empathic powers through his hands meaning he can sense the residual emotions instilled into any object he touches. In addition he can sense others' true feelings and emotions simply by touching them.


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