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Talyn (also known as Talyn Harper when his full name is used, or Talon Garinger on Furcadia) is a grey wolf/husky hybrid living in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. He is originally from Philadelphia, PA, so it was only a matter of time before he returned to his home state to visit for Anthrocon.

Scott "Talyn" Williams has been fandom-aware since 1997, but was not physically active in local group or convention activities until 2004.

In 2008, he became co-lead of the Logistics department for Anthrocon, responsible for the physical belongings owned or rented by Anthrocon during its convention period, which he ran alongside Cryo Cyberwolf.

In 2022, he become the Director of Convention Operations of Anthrocon as the position became available, there was no backfill, it required occupancy, and the remainder of Operations staff were too smart to accept the position.

While department operations generally have made things smoother and less stressful for all others involved in the Anthrocon operation, there is the rare occurrence as told by Uncle Kage, where a cart of "STUFF!" was left behind in a service corridor due to a miscommunication between departments. Logistics now goes to great lengths to ensure this event does not repeat itself. Despite this, the moniker "STUFF!" remains present and is now a lighthearted alternate name for the department.

Talyn is a former moderator of 757-Furries, a fur group local to the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area. His primary duty was to oversee the other moderators, stepping in when one is unavailable or requires additional input on any given situation, or when press exposure occurs with local media, and aid with event planning. He stepped back from his duties in January 2016 due to increased workload and work travel in his professional life.

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