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Tall Tails is a print-exclusive furry comic book series by Daphne Lage and Jose Calderon about furries in a sword-and-sorcery setting.


  • E.F. Ravenwood
  • Cromwell Ravenwood
  • Pandora
  • Gabriel
  • Silvermain
  • Klea
  • Raulph
  • Alexander/Prince Christian
  • Earl Hadge
  • Brenda
  • Casife
  • Tyrien
  • Molock
  • Ellision

Publication history[edit]

The series has been published in two arcs:

  • Thieves' Quest - 20 issues, later published as 4 volumes
  • The Peacekeepers - 3 issue mini-series, later published in one volume

Tall Tails was published by Golden Realm Unlimited from 1993 to 1995 for 3 issues[1][2]. Tall Tails: Thieves' Quest were published by Vision Comics for 4 issues starting in 1998, and #5-13 were published by Dream Weaver Press.[3][4] For 1999 to 2002, it ran in Radio Comix's Furrlough (Issues #78 - 109) as a monthly serial. Tall Tails comics published by Dream Weaver Press are currently distributed through Drivethrucomics.com.

Did you know? Tall Tails was "originally intended[5] to be a parody of Monty Python’s Holy Grail using Disney-ish Robin Hood characters."

Awards nomination[edit]

The Collected Tall Tails: Thieves' Quest, vol. 1 was nominated in the 2001 Ursa Major Awards for Best Other Literary Work.

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