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Infobox for media archives changes +misc. (official new changes?. Confirmation needed)[edit]

Fur Affinity
Fender, drawn by Mutley James
Author(s) Owner: Dragoneer
Launch date 16 January 2005 - 1 August 2005 (staff dispute & coding/server problems)
  • 10 December 2005 - Present
End date Ongoing
Genre Multimedia archive
Web NC-17
FA 2006-01 mutley.jpg
FAFront Page.png
Author(s) Lead Admin: Dragoneer
Launch date 16 January 2005 - 1 August 2005 (staff dispute & coding/server problems)
  • 10 December 2005 - Present
End date Ongoing
Genre Social art community
Web NC-17

Confirmation of (seemingly) new changes[edit]

Green, as Head Curator, I'm trying to confirm or inquire about some reversions to the formatting of the Weasel's Multimedia Archive infobox I made yesterday: Taking the FurAffinity cannon formatted infobox, I restructured the infobox to match. You made some changes afterward that I would like to confirm as you being Head Curator as these being new changes to be implemented to existing, and future articles, infoboxes (using FA's one as a example):

  • A) Removal of infobox title (Weasyl) with logo image, removal of logo image location with screenshot of site front page (new official layout?).
  • B) Additional images. Where are to be located? (i.e Fender's image) (new official layout?).
  • C) Removal of Owner/Founder entries. Normally unknown Owner/Founder placeholders are left with a "?" so future editors can add the proper data. Are we eliminating this titles? (new official layout?).
  • D) Removal of external links that normally are contained within infoboxes (Wikipedia style). A lot of the rest of the multimedia archive's articles also contain social links, not as many as Weasyl, though. Does this also affect other URL's in it with the exception of the main webpage/forum?, i.e. Wiki, Gaming site links, Development pages, IRC, Tumblr, Formspring, Music, etc (new official layout?).
  • E) These articles' genres have been labelled as Multimedia archive, are we switching them to Social art community? (new official layout?).
  • F) External links. Are Multimedia archive's (or any article) social accounts ext links being switched from the original setup:

External links[edit]

To this compressed version?:

External links[edit]

Just asking, since if official, these are major changes to be retrofitted to established articles, and wanted to make sure it came from the top before I/we started making changes/implementing them. Danke - Spirou 20:17, 3 August 2012 (EDT)

My edits should be considered within the context of improving a specific article. I don't think it's necessary to take changes made to one article and roll them out onto every other article which contains that infobox, or even those which are the same general type of website. (I also don't think I have the authority to impose such changes unilaterally. My job is to keep the site up, not dictate the page style.)
In this case, I believe that:
  • The logo serves well enough as the title; there seems little need to duplicate it (and it has alt text for those without, though I'm open to the view that all infoboxes should have at least a text title). Compare with Furry Weekend Atlanta where the logo is not a sufficient title because it is an abbreviation. In this case, Weasyl's logo is also virtually unreadable when placed in the image section, which has a grey background. The one you have for FA is probably the best equivalent, but seems hard to read; I wouldn't suggest using it.
  • An additional image may be placed in the infobox to identify or illustrate the site. In the case of Fur Affinity, the image of Fender seems appropriate, as he is an official mascot and the site has no other constant official logo. In other cases, a screenshot might be suitable, or possibly both (but beware making the infobox too long). A screenshot is particularly useful in this case as the site itself is not yet up; readers are likely to want to see it, and may miss it if it's too far down.
  • There were too many links in the infobox; especially when given in raw format, where they wrapped onto two or three lines, taking up half a page. Their presence is an artefact of our old style of website information which had them all in a single section in the body of the article, at the top. All the information from that section was dumped into the infobox. In most cases infoboxes should be completely visible on an average screen without scrolling - otherwise, we're not being smart enough about what goes in there. When the link is to an account on someone else's site, should it belong in the infobox? In FA's case, the forums and the wiki are local, but the LJ, Twitter and Steam accounts are not; an IRC channel isn't even a website, though it might deserve its own named line (or perhaps one for a generic "Chat").
  • The owner and founders of Weasyl are, to the best of my knowledge, the same people, Benchilla and Kihari. In that case, it seems superfluous to list them twice, unless one becomes not an owner. Another valid point of view is that Weasyl LLC. is the owner and they are its founders. (I was told by Benchilla when publishing the Flayrah article that Taw Echo was lead admin.
  • I didn't touch the genre. I think both "multimedia archive" and "social art community" are valid descriptions, though one emphasises the content, and another emphasises the community; I'd argue that the VCL is more strictly an "archive" than, say, Fur Affinity, which has many community features. Ideally this text might be based on what the site calls itself, or what others call it. It could also link to a category. Maybe it's not even necessary considering this is usually the very first thing said in the lede.
  • The link bar seemed like a good way to compactly display the numerous links to social accounts for this website, the majority of which contain similar content and for which no title is needed beyond the name of the service (conversely, people may have different names or multiple accounts on a site). There might also be a single line for links to policies such as the content guidelines and administrator rules. A different sort of link, such as to a gallery of screenshots, would have its own line.
You're welcome to make your own changes, and we can go back and forth with other editors to find a version which we're all satisfied with. My basic position is that we should be flexible, doing what seems most appropriate for a particular article, rather than enforcing a format. --GreenReaper(talk) 23:35, 3 August 2012 (EDT)


Should we be showing the extra "simplified" logo at all? It takes up a lot of space and seems redundant with the one in the infobox. --GreenReaper(talk) 01:21, 4 August 2012 (EDT)

October 2020 rewrite[edit]

This is a major cleanup and rewrite of pretty much the entire article. I've done my best to stay objective and keep with the FBoS, but feel I lack the experience to remove the "cleanup" and "wikify" banners at the top, so I leave that for someone else to decide. Some of this is the result of original research, either from memory or from sources in my possession that cannot be made public, but I've cited more sources where possible. I hope this rewrite is considered to be an improvement. Kihari (talk) 03:29, 16 October 2020 (EDT)