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I did not have time to follow up on the disambiguation (deadline). I should have up the rough and slap the {{inuse}] template. Here is the more finished draft:

Wag may refer to:


That looks good! But definitely, if you're not sure how long it'll take to create a disambiguation page, I'd recommend a) write it first, then move (you can click edit, write the new contents, move the existing page with another tab; when you save, the edit should go to the original location), and b) check tools/what links here and update appropriately - there's no need to lose information about which Wag a particular article was talking about. This was an issue for Colin. --GreenReaper(talk)
Yes, there's quite a lot of linked pages, specially to the user Wag. I will take this up tomorrow, as I have to drive an art job up to Burbank tomorrow morn. - Spirou (talk) 01:38, 1 December 2014 (EST)