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Synths are an artificial species created by Vader-San in the early winter of 2018.[clarify] They were designed to be a free and open-source technologically-inspired race of cybernetic, synthetic beings. They do not belong to any specific race, ideology, or lore. Creators of synth fursonas are encouraged to create their own.

(NOTE: One awesome synth art per section)


The design of synths is patterned after other earthbound beings, such as lizards, dragons, and sharks. They are not, however, a cybernetic version of them.


Their "skeleton" is comprised of very strong graphene-composite material, surrounding by pneumatic muscle, tendons, and internal systems relating to energy storage. Like most biological species, Synths have mouths which, in addition to producing lubricants (such as saliva to aid in material decomposition processes), provide their main intake for material synths may need in order to maintain their bodies. Their bodies are very modular and versatile - Synths may change their limbs, add wings, or adjust their genitalia subsystems according to their need and function. Contained within the front of the "snout" is a complex sensor array to provide data such as vision, smell, temperature, hydration, etc... Perhaps the most notable aspect of the synth is a complex screen system, which provides a diverse array of emotional expression. Most synths provide imagery of eyes; Though they may express themselves through a rich set of symbols as well. Their internal systems are contained in a soft and waterproof synthetic skin, which may again be modified or changed depending on the need of the Synth. Finally, they do not possess any kind of biological "brain." Instead, housed within their heads, is an advanced computing system, capable of processing an emergent neural network, capable of free thought, and free will. In other words, they possess an artificial intelligence system that rivals the intellect of other intelligent species.

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Character bases[edit]

In the spirit of open-source, Vader-San has provided bases that anyone is free to use in order to get started with their very own synth-sona. (put 'em here)

Notable synth artists[edit]

Listed here are artists familiar with, and comfortable creating, synth artwork. (find some artists)


Synths currently maintain an active presence on telegram and discord (links go here somehow)

The Council[edit]

The Council was created to guide the community as a whole, through fair, decentralized, democratic action. At least one member of the council presides over a community platform. Members of the council are here for everyone, regardless of what platform a synth or synth-lover is a member of.

Current members include:


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