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For reference, three posts to the Lounge Board on The Lion King MUCK:

22) (Toaded Player)  69 weeks ago -- New Muck, and MUF Programmer Request
From: Chera  18:29:47 12/18/04 CET
I have two things to mention in this post
First, new muck coming up. It's TLK based (Big Shock) but I plan to let the
FC RP be pretty well FC decided, so it won't get boring, and typical. I'm not
sure when this muck will be open for public consumption but it will be
soon...hopefully. Any interest, page me.
Secondly, I need a MUF programmer familiar with ProtoMuck and the
webserver that it has built in. If you have this knowledge, also page me,
compensation for what I need is a big possibility.
Thanks for reading this post...Chera the silly Cheetah

23) (Toaded Player)  68 weeks ago -- MUCK Open for Preview
From: Chera  22:14:22 12/26/04 CET
Edited by: Chera  11:46:46 12/27/04 CET
The muck that I mentioned in the last post now is up for preview, and
for users to come in and get your spot, as well as request FC interviews.
The muck is called Under the African Sun, and you can find it (New address)
at 9900.
Thank you for reading, and thank you for your interest.

24) (Toaded Player)  67 weeks ago -- UtAS Muck Offically Open
From: Chera  18:50:45 01/03/05 CET
Alright, so as of...well just now, Under the African Sun MUCK is now
offically open for RP, despite a few tiny construction things that need to
be done, but those will not affect RP at all.
UtAS is a TLK 1/1.5 based MUCk, however it may not be for long. The
FCs have freedom to shape the plot, with the assistance of the RP Head
to make sure things don't go nuts. We are fairly relaxed in rules, and a
very userfriendly place.
Interested? Head over to 9900, and come
join us. Some FCs are still open, including Mufasa, Sarabi, Zazu...and
any of the chars that were unique to 1.5.