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I just want to point out the simple fact that Renduri is a internet troll. I've had t oblock him on youtube, furaffinity, and deviantart for attempting to troll me. The information hes posting here about Tiquri, he has tried to post it on ED as well, and not even the ED admins will let him. Thats pretty sad if you ask me. When trolls don't even want his drama... Just look up his page on ED and you will see it was deleted by an admin who states this furf*g drama has no place here. They are acting on behalf of a furry known as vailwolf, whom probably doesn't even know hes doing this. If she does, she has some splainin ta do. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Wolfeedarkfang (talkcontribs) .

I appreciate not wanting to encourage those who cause trouble for their own amusement. Nevertheless, the editor has been accused of vandalism, which has a specific meaning. The assertions in question does not appear to fall under the definition.
If you dispute their factual nature, you are welcome to provide appropriate evidence. If the subject of this article wishes us to remove this information even though it is true, that is a different matter. In general WikiFur will not do this - presenting other people's artwork as your own is a serious matter - but each situation is decided on its own merits. --GreenReaper(talk) 23:55, 5 September 2010 (UTC)

Do I need to spell it out for people I never said i owned the art i used it under the "Free usage act" it was used for a reference to the project i was doing the artist herself spoke to me she dropped this months ago its just this troll who is feeding of this drama. I'm glad to see trolls are still allowed to fake false edits to a wikifur page and get away with it honestly -Tuqiri

I hate drama, I am just upset that you keep removing my contributions. If you have any proof of me trolling you on YouTube and the like, wolfee, I would gladly stop making edits here as it would prove me to indeed be a troll, but I am not. Nor did I ever make him an ED page, though I believe Tuqiri himself did. Either way, that's beside the point. I am simply seeing that the truth remains truthful. Rinduri 00:12, 6 September 2010 (UTC)
Well, yes, we do expect you to spell it out, otherwise how can we make a decision on whether to allow the edits? You are the one requesting special treatment here . . .
From looking at the image, it appears that it was used as cover artwork and presented as your own work. That is what is getting people concerned - because it is not "fair use", any more than taking a photograph that someone else made and printing it on a cup is fair use.
But let's get back to the article. The section currently makes three assertions:
  • In June 2010, Tuqiri posted photographs of an art presentation.
  • Another artist noticed their work had been included as part of the presentation.
  • Tuqiri subsequently reposted the photographs with the offending work removed
You have asserted that these are "fake" and "false". In what way? --GreenReaper(talk) 00:21, 6 September 2010 (UTC)

I hope you will allow me to post chat logs from messengers. If not, delete them, but at least read them first. From steam --> Cute Crux: I never said i owned the art. If people READ it never says i owned the art. If you can find that line anywhere then shoot me! I used it under the free usage. I never said i owned it. Nor did i make any cash out of it. It was used for a project as a REFFRENCE!

From what i know, Tiquri used to date vailwolf, and thought it would be ok to put up the art because at that time it was ok. Now that they are broke up, vailwolf is accusing him of stealing it when she gave him the ok to use it. This is nothing more then drama. You really should put some effort into investigating things before you trust some random nobody who comes here posting things. This is why there is so much beastforum propaganda all over my wiki page when I've never even used that site. Please don't let this site turn into another ED. Not trying to offend or anything, but there is a difference in trying to get your facts straight, and just allowing anybody to post whatever. As for countering renduri here.

Your ED article on Tiquri = It wont let me post the link so just add the domain before this part --> /Tuqiri13

Your post on my DA page yesterday which i flagged as spam = Nuff said...

--wolfeedarkfang 00:34, 6 September 2010 (UTC)

Perhaps you two need to look up the actual fair use policy, just saying.
While I know that Tuqiri and Vail never dated, I have no actual proof nor will Vail give a testimony as to her not being involved in this, so unlike you two I shall not make uncited claims. That whole situation is irrelevant either way. As far as I am concerned, the facts are 'straight' and evidence has been cited. Whereas I have photo evidence all you two have are the misinterpretation of the fair use policy, and erroneous claims as to the event, myself, and others.
The ED page you cite is two years old and you cannot view the history to see who made it. It is not actual evidence of anything. As for my DA post, since you hid it you can't really prove anything. However, since I am a person of honor, I will admit that what you quoted me saying is indeed what I said. Again, this doesn't prove anything. I simply stated that you blocked me on two other websites.
Ignorance is bliss, as they say. This is going to be my last comment as I do not feel it necessary to bring unwanted and unneeded drama to this fact-orientated site. I'll leave the admins to decide what the right decision is.

Rinduri 00:49, 6 September 2010 (UTC)

Tiquri's own post states "Recently I put up my artwork for the art show, all the work I did in my art lessons..." and "This is how a [sic] set up my work to be viewed and marked". If this (and the fact that his name was all over the board) did not indicate the work presented was his own, I'm unsure what would.
Now, if permission was initially given, then the name of the section header "art theft" may be inappropriate. It is still dishonest to present another person's art as your own, and I suspect this was done, but that is a matter between Tuqiri and his teachers. --GreenReaper(talk) 00:51, 6 September 2010 (UTC)

Well i don't know but if you ask me; in the end who really cares about this trivial nonsense anyway? Why is it even relevant to put on this page? It's personal drama between 2 people who had a thing for each other, and nothing about it was ever listed on this site prior to Renduri's edits of this article. In fact the quote on quote "victim" doesn't even talk about it except for 1 DA journal about a week or so ago. Should everything i do in my daily life be on my article too? My ED page has just about every facial expression i ever made in a YouTube video on it, but in the end is any of that information important or relevant? Does it change the internet or the fandom? Who really cares? It's not like it changes the fandom in any way. None of us should be THAT important. But thats just my opinion, which nobody ever values anyway... The only reason i'm even posting here is because i know Renduri is a troll. Tamias even says it. TrueFurry on youtube even says that renduri is a hacked account. The guy who was previously him, is now under another name. Go to yotuube, and ask TrueFurry. He will tell you so himself. What makes me really sad about this site, is none of you admins are aware of the things that happen over on youtube, which gives the trolls the advantage of coming overe here to post anything they want about someone. And they are quite good at making up propaganda that is believable. And you allow it to happen until someone disproves it. It's Guilty until proven innocent... Just like how YouTube handles DMCA claims.

--wolfeedarkfang 01:09, 6 September 2010 (UTC)

Seems like the "Art Theft" section is slander and personal drama that really does not need to bleed into Wikifur. --Tamiasthechipmunk 01:59, 6 September 2010 (UTC)

Alright, this is THE actual Vailwolf here... I would like to make it clear I am not sending anyone out after Tuqiri, whether it be Rinduri or someone else. I have even told Rinduri to LEAVE Tuqiri alone and that since he removed the picture (Although he did it in a pretty bitchy way) that I no longer had any problem with him and I wanted it to die, if I had known it would have caused this much drama for myself and even Tuq I probably wouldn't of even said anything. Like the stated above, I had no idea any of this was even an issue until recently, nor do I have any involvement in ED or whatever else, this is the first time I've posted on a Wiki, honestly.

As for the picture itself, I NEVER gave ANY permission to Tuq to use it in any sort of way. I was more upset at the fact he refused to admit he had done anything wrong and instead hid behind the 'Free Use Act' argument. He told me his Teacher instructed him to use other peoples art for whatever reason, I for one find it very hard to believe a teacher would instruct a student to steal something, but whatever. Whether there is nothing I could 'Legally' do it still does NOT make it right to use someone elses art without their permission. When you take and use something that is not yours, even on the Internet, it is still STEALING. Whether you can hide behind some law or not stealing is stealing, which is wrong. Tuq doesn't seem to understand that which is what I was upset about.

Also, to clear up this 'dating' thing... NEVER HAPPENED! Tuq is quite a bit younger than me and I would deem it inappropriate to 'date' him, even if it was just a furry thing. I've only actually had one real Furry mate, and I assure you it was not Tuqiri. Even if that was true and Tuq thought it would be alright it would of still been wrong, and I'm pretty sure this little art show went on after we had stopped talking, for reasons I wont discuss here.

I'd also like to point out that Wolfee calling out anyone on the 'Free Use' thing in support of his friend is not only ironic but quite amusing as well.

ANYWAY, in regards to whatever you're all fighting about... I dont care, I REALLY dont care, I settled it with Tuqiri quite awhile ago and I thought it would just blow over. Now I got Tuq's friends harassing me to pull Rinduri off him. I want to make it VERY clear I have no personal vendetta against Tuq, I want no harm to be done to him, I'm not a bad or petty person, I simply wish for him to be a bit more respectful when it comes to other peoples artwork. As for the picture itself, I would appreciate it being taken off this site permanently, I will also be deleting the journal off DA, in hopes of this issue dying quicker.

You all need to stop fighting over this, it's stupid, pointless, and has nothing to do with the majority of people who are involving themselves. Anywho... Cya


Thanks for clearing this up vail. If you would talk to me on youtube in a PM about your definition of the irony involving me you spoke of, I'd appreciate it. Because i don't see it myself. Otherwise thank you for taking the time to drop by and clear up everything. I believed you and him dated. I might have misunderstood something i guess.

--wolfeedarkfang 02:15, 6 September 2010 (UTC)