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When tidying and smoothing the wording of the appearance section, I changed the wording of this sentence refering to TerrisRacoon's tail: "When he walks, he keeps it lifted up like a squirrel or a skunk." I don't believe either Squirrels of Skunks usually walk with their tails held much above horizontal (in line with their backs) and I wasn't sure if Terris meant lifted up as in near-vertically in a cartoony sort of way, or lifted up as in not dragging on the ground. -- Sine 22:04, 6 October 2006 (UTC)

Edit from User:Neonus[edit]

I removed the following edit from User:Neonus from the article (<ref> tags stripped for readability):

He lies that he is not NickerEquinian.
My first story series written a long time ago, being reposted now under new nickname." "This story is copyrighted by Nicker (R).I reserve all the rights to rewriting, changing and modifying it to me." "Nom forum umarło na jakiś czas Nicker zrezygnował i ja przejąłem pałeczkę... może jakos ruszymy..."(In Polish)/"Yeah, the forum wad dead for some time, Nicker gave up and I took his place now... maybe we will make some progress"(Translated)

I'm not sure if it is appropriate to add this back in, but it should definitely be NPOVed if it is. --Douglas Muth 16:03, 19 December 2006 (UTC)

Information in encylopedia should be neutral or objetive then? What is more important?.--Neonus 16:37, 19 December 2006 (UTC)

Both are equally important. Information should be presented objectively, in a neutral point of view.
If you have relavent information for an article, but also have strong feelings about it and are concerned about your ability to remain neutral, it is perfectly acceptable to leave a comment on the article's Talk page instead, and let others add the information to the article. --Douglas Muth 18:45, 19 December 2006 (UTC)

TerrisRaccon photo[edit]

Please delete the photo of my fursona from SL, because I don't play it anymore.