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People who knew Steve, please chime in and add to this page.

Any hits on this gentlemen's death?[edit]

Searching national obits found one, but it's the wrong death date and maybe location:

  • NAME: Steven Edward Arlow
  • BIRTH:
  • DEATH: abt 1999

There is indeed a Steve Arlow on Usenet: Steve Arlow, Yorick Software Inc. 39336 Polo Club Dr. #103 Farmington Hills, MI 48335-5634, but no hits on his passing,... Can wikify his entry and just add a reference tag to his death date. - Spirou 06:48, 23 December 2009 (UTC)

Death info[edit]

Info here:


I added some biographical info. Many thanks to User:Spirou for organizing the page.Blood donor 00:21, 1 January 2010 (UTC)

Does anyone have any photos of Steve they could share?

Wish I had my yearbook from HS. He was super intelligent.....but had a rough time in was bad for him. Can anyone tell me how he died? (Chris S - Canton, MI)

Sorry for my 10-year-late response, Chris. I was just now yielding to my ADD by randomly perusing ancient furry drama websites instead of my important tasks, and found by happenstance the info you wanted, which lead me to here.
The author of a defunct page posted a screenshot of someone speaking of having discovered that day they that they committed suicide.
The screenshotted text detailing the matter.
Apparently, both of them were zoophiles of some sort, and Steve was subjected to aggression in the form of a police report which supposedly piqued their inimical curiosity. It seems that state had prescribed a maximum sentence of lifetime incarceration for bestiality (which he was innocent of, his friend asserted), and this incited Steve to preempt the police and prosecutor by terminating his own existence.
Also, it seems furrydom's Great Zoophilia Wars have raged inconclusively for 20+ years, as I believe he wrote that in 2000. Even Akela's Great Zoosadism Clusterfuck of 2018 failed to break the deadlock.
Anyway, I have no reason to disbelieve his friend (or the inverse, beyond a natural presumption of sincerety in the absence of any impeachment of a witness). —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Roketsune (talkcontribs) . - 11 April 2020.