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Re: Steve "the BassMan" Sandell article[edit]

Hi. Since you started this article about "yourself," you were informed of the need of cleaning up the article to a more Wiki friendly standard. Some minor formatting and cleanup tags were added to encourage you or other Wikifur editors to accomplish this task.

Since then, you have actually gone in the other direction, making the article more muddled, removing the "cleanup" tags a couple times, and actually de-formatting the only correctly edited parts. Since you haven't made a point of expressing the reasons of why you do not wish to perform a cleanup, and, actually reverting other editors attempts, I'm just going to put a minor temp block on the article, and if you don't mind, ask you a couple questions?:

A) Are you for real?,... I.e. This is not a "fake," "joke," or "wikitrolling" article. If "No," please inform us, and we can save everybody's time by deleting it. B) If you're real (that this is an actual article about an actual user,) you know that all sites, specially Wikis, need to be run by a minimum set of rules that hopefully everybody must follow.

Your actions, unfortunately, seem to mimic past actions of individuals that were not serious or trolling this Wiki. Just hoping that's not the case, you can add your opinions and comments about this matter on this thread, hopefully it/them being beneficial to everybody on bringing a solution. Whatever the outcome, the temp restriction expires in three days, and your account is not blocked - Spirou 06:33, 14 January 2008 (UTC)