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I removed the paragraph which Spirou added because, having read through the referenced comment thread, I see two comments suggesting there be an artists_beware warning made about SpadeFoot, and I don't think it's appropriate to group various commenters on an open LiveJournal setting into "the community", nor did I feel comfortable linking directly to the two comments as they seemed to be each individual's opinion about an art transaction they were not directly involved with. My feeling is that SpadeFoot's own and the artist's statements can stand without additional summary: to me the issue appopriate to reference is the commission rather than others' opinions on posting. But other editors might of course disagree. -- Sine 23:11, 18 February 2013 (EST)

it didn't suggested it represent the whole of the community, but the overall thread went from minou's breach of contract to "yes, minou broke the contract, but you used other people's characters in a manner that most people here didn't approve".
I didn't add every single person comment that made that point to the article, as it A) would have been redundant, and, B) readers could use the two base reference comments (which I added at least two, so it wouldn't seem that we took one user's comment as an overall decision), as forward links to see that, indeed, the paragraph you omitted was what came to pass, and what most concluded. and with the deletion of the "Controversy" heading, it doesn't really explain the point of adding this section to the user's article (e.g. If not "controversy", then what?. The artist did wrong, but so did the commissioner, it's detailed on the LiveJournal community as such, but it's not presented here after the deletion).
In short, we not are offering both sides of the arguments involving this controversy, currently (yes, it's a controversy, as in when somebody steals wares, assault people,... or get caught using other people's characters in their private commission's [in this case with a rape theme], and they get called on by a large, if not majority, of the community), and the overall, final message (artist goofed, but so did the commissioner). But, this is just one editor's counterpoint - Spirou 09:45, 19 February 2013 (EST)