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The peanut gang was always a favorite show of mine when I was growing up. We always looked forward to the up coming holidays, as back then the peanut gang was only shown as holiday special, I think it first started out at Halloween special. Then there was the Christmas special, and then the show just took off like wild fire. Who could not love such a lovable pooch and the things he could accomplish once he put his mind to it.

I now have one of these lovable pooch myself, as last year I rescued my Snoopy from the jaw of another dog. I found my Snoopy in a parking at work one day during lunch.

I was eating lunch in my office and I heard this loud yelping noise, as I looked out my window I saw this big dog shaking his head back and forth and he had something in his mouth. Then something small flew out this big dogs mouth and landed under a car that was in the parking lot. This is when I realized that it was some kind of small animal of some sort, not really sure what is was and with this big dog trying to get under this parked car, I decide to go out and check this out. When I got out there and looked under this car, to my amazement I saw this scared little puppy looking at me with his terrified eyes saying help me. He looked to be about 5 to 6 weeks old and I am really not sure where he came from or how he got there. The little guys had some small injuries, as he had a hole through his ear and was bleeding, so I took him to a veterinarian and got him fixed up. He has been with me every since this day and I named him “Snoopy”. I have now also named my online business after him he is a great dog and is very smart. He reminds me so much of the great one Snoopy that we all loved on the peanut gang shows…..

Pictures of my lovable Snoopy can be requested at

Have a great day

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